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Delivery Policy/Protocol
Delivery Policy/Protocol

Delivery policies and driver delivery protocols.

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How old do I need to be in order to place an order?

You must be 18+ with a medical card or 21+ for recreational consumption. A valid form of ID is required at the time of purchase.

Can somebody else complete my transaction if I'm not available?

No, a third person may not complete your transaction for you.

Do I need a phone in order to place an order?

Yes, you must have a mobile phone with texting (SMS) capabilities.

Does HyperWolf have an order minimum?

Yes, our order minimum is $40 BEFORE taxes are added.

Will my driver deliver to my door?

If you’d prefer your driver to deliver to your door, the vehicle must be fully visible from your front door. With that being said, we’re unable to provide door deliveries within apartment complexes — if applicable, please meet the driver at the nearest guest parking lot, gate, or leasing office as the driver is unable to leave their vehicle unattended.

Does Hyperwolf offer discreet or curbside delivery?

Yes, if this is your preference, please choose an option under the Drop-Off Options at checkout.

Does Hyperwolf deliver to public spaces or businesses?

No, we DO NOT deliver to public or business addresses.

How long will my driver wait at my residence?

In order to provide accurate and reliable service, our drivers are instructed to wait for a maximum of 5 minutes at each stop prior to moving on.

What happens if I miss my scheduled delivery?

If you’re unable to meet the driver during their initial delivery attempt, contact our live chat for assistance. If your order is still on hold, our team can add you back to the drivers route. If the order has been cancelled, you would need to replace it through our website.

Do I need to be home in order to place an order?

Yes, we ask that you are home when placing your order.

Can somebody else pick up my order if I’m not home?

No. In order to adhere to company and legal guidelines, we kindly ask that whoever placed the order is home and available for delivery. Our drivers are required to match the account holder’s name to the ID presented upon arrival.

Can I change my delivery address?

No, your delivery address may not be changed once an order has been placed. If your order was placed at an incorrect address, please cancel your order through our customer service team and replace the order with the correct address.

Can I schedule a delivery ahead of time?

Yes! You can conveniently schedule a next day delivery on our website's "Scheduled Deliveries" tab. This will allow you to access all of our items currently in stock. How convenient and stress-free is that?

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