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Return/Exchange Policy

Returns and Exchanges

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Can I return products?

No, we do not accept returns for any reason.


Can I exchange or replace a defective product?

If you believe your product to be defective, please contact our help center within 24 hours of the initial purchase. Be prepared to provide your order number, a photo of the item, and a photo of the batch number. Defective products will be exchanged for another product of the same brand and price point at our discretion.


What doesn’t qualify as a defective item?

We’re unable to return or exchange any products due to physical characteristics that do not impact the product's ability to be consumed. This includes taste, texture, smell, or general appearance.


What is needed at the time of exchange/replacement?

Be prepared to return all contents in their original packaging.


My flower looks short. What is the next step?

If your flower looks short, please contact our customer support team and be prepared with a photo of the flower on a 3pt scale (0.00). In the future, we ask that you weigh out your orders if you believe them to look short so our driver can be there to confirm and replace the item if necessary.


How can I process a claim?

Please reach out to our customer support team via live chat on our website to begin the process of submitting a claim.


Can I exchange/replace an item I have already consumed?

No, any agreement of an exchange or replacement is VOID following consumption of the entire product or if the product is thrown away.


Can I request to be placed on the waitlist for an out-of-stock item?

No. At this time, we do not have a waitlist that notifies customers when an item is restocked. Although we are working on this feature so keep your eye out for any updates!

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